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The Bard's Tale, Duke Nukem 3D and Painkiller among new titles supporting Green Throttle
by Jon Jordan 26/4/2013
Product: Green Throttle news
Manufacturer: Green Throttle Games
Format: Android
While they are looking to disrupt the nextgen plans of Sony and Microsoft, unconsole companies such as Green Throttle need to focus on games.

It's something of an issue, as like GameStick and Ouya, Green Throttle is an Android-based platform.

Yet even within that ecosystem, there are key titles it's looking to push as much better to play with a controller than using a touchscreen - and that's not to forget the exclusive games Game Throttle is developing.

But while we're waiting for those, it's announced six Android games that will support its Atlas controller.

Getting games

Three of these - The Bard's Tale, Duke Nukem 3D and Painkiller: Purgatory HD - are obvious candidates, with the latter two being first-person shooters, while all are 'console-quality' products, having been original released on PC.

The other games are less well known.

FreeFall Tournament is a multiplayer, cross-platform (with PC) mecha tournament shooter, Suran is a skill-based endless runner, while Slyon Ball is a brick-breaking adventure.

All three are available for free.

FreeFall Tournament, The Bard's Tale and Suran are available now on Google Play and Amazon Appstore, with the other titles' support in development.

Of course, to play them on your Android (or smart TV), you will need a Green Throttle Atlas controller ($40), the free Arena app, and the appropriate cable.
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