Corning's new Gorilla Glass 3 could well end up in next-gen iPhone and upcoming Android handsets
By Anthony Usher 04 January 2013
Game Name: Gorilla Glass 3 | Manufacturer: Corning | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Glass specialist Corning has announced that it will showcase the latest iteration of its extra-tough Gorilla Glass at next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Gorilla Glass is, of course, already used in the production of many smartphones and tablets, including Apple's iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S III, and Nokia's Lumia 920.

It's probably pretty safe to assume, then, that Gorilla Glass 3, which is a new glass composition that boasts a variety of durability enhancements, will be incorporated into future iterations of the iPhone and upcoming Android blowers.

Corning is claiming that its "native damage resistance" technology has allowed it to make Gorilla Glass 3 three times more scratch resistant than its predecessor, which is pretty impressive to say the least.

Naturally, some scratching will still occur, but the company believes that 40 per cent fewer of the blemishes that do appear on the glass will be visible to the naked eye.

Corning will be announcing full details and giving hourly demonstrations of Gorilla Glass 3 on January 7th (the day before CES officially begins), so we'll find out exactly how good it is then.

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