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Scheduling document for Google I/O 2013 indicates big Android gaming focus at the event
by Harry Slater 2/5/2013
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At this year's Google I/O, The Big G's annual developers conference, Android gaming looks to be taking centre stage.

We've mused in the past over why Android plays second fiddle to iOS in the gaming stakes, and apparently Google has been thinking the same thing.

A recently released schedule for Google's I/O event later this month contains numerous listings for conference 'tracks' dedicated to gaming.

Delegates at Google I/O 2013 will, for example, be able to learn about "New developments in mobile gaming", "Practical Android game development", how to "Level up your Android game", and all about "Making money on Google Play".

There are also track sessions on "Android graphics performance", "In-app billing version 3", and "High performance audio".

Considering all the rumblings we've been hearing recently about Google working on a Game Center-style application with in-game chat, online multiplayer, and friends lists, it's a safe bet to assume Android gaming is pretty darn high on Google's agenda right now.

While Android as a gaming platform undoubtedly has some strong points, it has lagged behind iOS in terms of the number of exclusive titles for a while.

With the added competition of Xbox Live on Windows Phone 8, it's not much of a surprise to see Google taking the gaming bull by its digital horns.

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