Gamistry's Bronze Award-winning Gold Diggers now available on Android
By Chris Priestman 14 November 2013
Game Name: Gold Diggers | Developer: Gamistry | Publisher: Gamistry | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade
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Fans of twitch shooters on 'droid: rejoice. Gamistry has ported its Bronze Award-winning F2P iOS arcade mining game Gold Diggers to Android.

Gamistry has also rolled out update 1.1 for Gold Diggers on both platforms. With this, Gamistry has added nine new digging upgrades so you can improve the capacity of your digging wagons if you have the gold to spend.

You can combine these new parts with others to create devastating weapons or super-effective drills.

Combine a railgun with a titanium drill, for instance, and you'll take chunks out of lava worms. There are over 40 possible combinations.

If all that sounds right up your street, go download Gold Diggers for free on the App Store [download] or on Google Play [download].

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