Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is set to hit iPad and iPhone on June 19th
By Harry Slater 12 June 2014
Game Name: Godfire: Rise of Prometheus | Developer: Vivid Games | Publisher: Vivid Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action

Vivid Games has announced that its impressive looking third person hack-and-slasher Godfire: Rise of Prometheus will hit the the App Store on June 19th. That's a week today.

It's also announced a collector's edition of the game. It's called the Titan Edition, and you can grab it from the game's official website once the game is released.

It features an 8.7 inch figurine of Prometheus, an art book, a T-shirt, and a voucher for the game. Wowzers.

If that wasn't enough, a little bit more information about the game has slithered out over at E3. Alongside the campaign there'll be an endless, wave-based Survival Mode that lets you set high scores for friends and enemies to beat.

The game itself as very much in the God of War mould. Lots of violence, grunting, and quick-fire combos.

If that sounds like it might be your cup of tea then keep your eyes on the App Store next Thursday. An Android version of the game will follow later in the year.
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