Globber's Escape is an absorbing, frantic take on Pac-man available for free on iOS and Android
By Chris Priestman 04 July 2014
Game Name: Globber's Escape | Developer: Robomodo | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade
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I didn't think I'd make this far. I was pretty sure that I, myself, would never escape from Globber's Escape.

This free arcade game from Robomodo is, essentially, a reworking of Pac-man. That may sound dull, perhaps, but it's surprisingly absorbing.

You play a gelatinous blob called Globber that a bunch of mad scientists want to harness in order to take over the world. But Globber doesn't want that, and so tries to escape from the underground facility.   

This results in an endless survival game that is as rewarding as it is panic-inducing.

Just like in Pac-man, each room is viewed top-down and has a bunch of enemies to avoid (scientists rather than ghosts). I love how they march around chanting in unison - it adds a rhythm to the play.

Occasionally, you'll be able to hunt down a Power-Bot, which turns your predators into prey for a limited time. They act just like the Power Pellets in Pac-man.

Globber's Escape

If a scientist does get you then they'll turn you into an ice block. If you have collected enough hammers then you can smash yourself out of the ice. Otherwise your session will come to an end.

Other than dodging scientists, you should be looking to score points by collecting the little creatures that run around the maze in sprawling groups.

Once you've eat them all, the four doors around the edges of the maze will open up and you'll move to the next level. This goes on and on until you run out of hammers, or you give up.

Move on up

Movement is surprisingly intuitive in Globber's Escape. You just tap on the tile that you want Globber to move to.

It's worth noting that I've never had a problem with the path-finding in the game, such as Globber running straight into a scientist. That's quite the feat on Robomodo's part.

What really grabbed me, I think, is the terror of the chase. As well as hammers, you can pick up multipliers around the levels. Each time you do, it seems that the enemies speed up.

I had 40 multipliers collected and the game became a thrilling chase that really tested my reactions. I was getting huge scores as well, too. 

With it being endless as well, you can see how far you can push yourself.

But I don't know if my nerves could hack it too much further. I was seriously panicking at times, driven by adrenaline, my fingers pecking at the screen like a woodpecker at a tree trunk.

Globber's Escape is available to download for (supported by ads) right now on the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].
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