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First GameStick unconsole rolls off the production line
by Jon Jordan 4/5/2013
Product: GameStick
Manufacturer: PlayJam
Format: Android
Even if the GameStick disruptive unconsole doesn't fulfill its potential, Kickstarter backers will have got their money's worth.

The UK company has been nothing if not diligent in keeping them fully informed about the trials and tribulations of creating, manufacturing, shipping and launching a custom piece of advanced electronics.

The latest missive comes from CEO Jasper Smith, who's been checking out the company's Chinese supply chain.

Under ever stone

In keeping with current concerns, he's been visiting suppliers down to the component level to ensure they're up to scratch when it comes to the welfare of their staff, output quality, and even that they share GameStick's vision.

"When you get the HDMI cable - it will just be an HDMI cable, as it should be, but you can rest assured that a couple of insane Brits sat in a factory in the middle of China at midnight obsessing about every tiny detail of its composition," Smith comments wryly.

Of course, this level of detail is required for GameStick to perform at the highest level.

Smith says using off-the-shelf components often don't meet the requirements, which is why it's redesigning seemingly minor items such as the Bluetooth PCB to ensure the GameStick controller works within a full 7 meter range.

00001 ready for action

And the good news is when it comes to the bigger picture, GameStick is progressing well.

The first 6,000 controllers (for the original Kickstarter backers) will be ready on June 8th, with the unconsole unit itself ready soon after.

The first batch will reach backers in late June.

Indeed, the first GameStick unconsole (in terms of the integrated PCB unit) has now rolled off the production line.

Smith also notes that the company's obsession with making the launch successful extends to marketing director Anthony Johnson, who's spent hours opening and closing the packaging to ensure a great unboxing experience.

"Taking a step back; delivering this project is not materially different to the challenge of delivering a fully-fledged traditional console business," Smith ends.

"The delay in delivering this project is not down at all to project management or decision making - it is down to how many people like the idea and the complexity of delivering a complex project in a manner that we are all proud to put our names to. So please stick with us."

You can read all the details on Kickstarter.

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