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We're victims of our success says GameStick as it pushes unconsole launch to late June
by Jon Jordan 7/4/2013
Product: GameStick
Manufacturer: PlayJam
Format: Android
Be careful what you wish for.

That's the moral of GameStick's announcement that it's pushing back the release of its Android-based unconsole from late April to late June.

The reason, the company says, is it's been blown away by the level of support from consumers, developers and retailers.

For example, GameStop in the US and Game in the UK will be lead partners, although another 22 retailers around the world are also interested.

Need a bigger boat

That's turned what was originally planned as a 1,000 unit production run for Kickstarter backers into a tens of thousands production run.

The result is the manufacturing process has to be scaled up, with simple silicon moulds replaced with high volume tooling, which has to be made in Germany.

Also, the larger production run will have to be shipped by sea, as air freighting it is too expensive. That combined with retailing issues means Kickstarter backers should get their units during the last week of June.

"Whilst we would have liked to ship earlier, we are, to a large degree, victims of the success we have created together. It is so rare to get the opportunity to deliver a project of this scale and we need to ensure we don't trip over ourselves," the company comments.

Two weeks ago at GDC 2013, competitor Ouya gave out the first units of its Android-based unconsole to its Kickstarter backers, with its US retail launch expected in June.

Better all round

There is some good news, however.

With over 600 developers developing for the system, we're expecting a much broader set of games to support the smart TV gaming system.

GameStick has also refined the controller unit, adjusting the shoulder buttons' movement, changing the analog stick assembly, and putting a mechanical door on the back of the controller.
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