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GameStick opens access for its unconsole with global $79 pre-order campaign
by Jon Jordan 15/2/2013
Product: GameStick
Manufacturer: PlayJam
Format: Android
Having raised $647,658 on Kickstarter - not bad given its $100,000 target - GameStick is opening up wider access for its unconsole.

Global pre-orders are now open for the controller and Android-based-stick combo, which is priced at $79.

Postage is $9.99 for the US and $24.99 for international destinations.

Through the doors open

The first 250 Kickstarters got their GameSticks for $69, but this was raised to $79 so johnny-come-latelys are getting the standard deal, although the company will be supplying GameSticks to its Kickstarter supporters first.

A case and dock can also be pre-ordered, priced $9.99 and $24.99.

Check out the store here.

Plug into, switch off

Running Android on a small USB-sized wifi-enabled unconsole - roughly equivalent to an iPad 2 in performance - you connect the stick into the HDMI slot of your smart TV.

The controller uses Bluetooth, and the company has also demonstrated the use of Android and iOS devices as a touchscreen controller, if supported by games. 

The system uses PlayJam's smart TV gaming service to provide a curated selection of games; PlayJam is the UK company behind GameStick.

You can see the original Kickstarter video below, although note that the controller design has since been tweaked.

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