[Update] The PG Readers' iOS and Android Game of the Week - your vote needed
By Harry Slater 02 September 2013
Game Name: Game of the Week | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Updated on September 2th, at 15:39: It was a closely fought race, but Terraria has taken the crown this week.

Like a side-scrolling Minecraft, Terraria lets you dig up dirt, craft new tools, and fashion architectural wonders. But, you can also explore its massive, randomly generated world, to find dungeons, deserts, and underground jungles.

It's a massive game, and a largely successful port of the PC and Xbox Live Arcade game. Some of the controls are a little fiddly on touchscreen, though, and there's no multiplayer

As for us, we gave Junk Jack X a better score at review and - in our weekly round-up of new iOS impressions - said "Junk Jack X is better than Terraria in a number of ways - it has multiplayer, the controls are better-suited to mobile, and it's more welcoming to new players."

But, ultimately, picking one game is like picking your favourite child. Which only a monster would do. You're not a monster, are you?

Every week, thousands of new games hit the iOS App Store and Google Play on Android. Trying to find the diamonds in the rough is no easy task, let us assure you.

We like to think we do a pretty good job with our news articles, mid-week round-ups, expert reviews, and comprehensive features, mind.

But, now we want to know what YOU think.

Today, we're going to ask you to pick the best game that was released on iOS and Android from the past week (from the nominations below), and then we'll announce the winner in a glamorous article next Monday.

There are loads of places to vote. Leave a comment at the bottom of this article; answer the poll on Facebook; or use a massive laser to blast your answer onto the face of the moon.

The nominations
Terraria (iPad, iPhone)

A side-scrolling craft-'em-up that sees you exploring a massive, randomly generated world and hacking it to bits to get raw materials.
Junk Jack X (iPad, iPhone)

Another side-scrolling craft-'em-up that sees you exploring a series of massive, randomly generated worlds and hacking them to bits to get raw materials.
Trappped (iPad)

A clever puzzler that's all about saving a game that's trapped with a game by sliding coloured blocks around.
The Last Express (Android, previously on iPad, iPhone)

Jordan Mechner's classic point-and-click adventure set on the Orient Express on the eve of World War One.
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