iOS and Android Game of the Week - your vote needed
By James Gilmour 10 January 2013
Game Name: Game of the Week | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Each week, thousands of new games hit the iOS App Store and Google Play on Android. Trying to separate the wheat from the chaff is a tough job, and no mistake.

We like to think that we do a pretty good job of it with our news articles, mid-week round-ups, reviews, and features, mind.

But, we want to know what YOU think.

Today, we're asking you to pick the best game that was released on iOS and Android this week (from some nominations), and then we'll present that winner in an article next Monday.

There are loads of places to vote. Leave a comment on this article, reply to our Game of the Week tweet, vote on Facebook, or just tattoo its name onto your palm and slap anyone who crosses your path.

The nominations

Haunt the House: Terrortown (PlayStation Mobile)

Rid a town of its pesky living inhabitants by using your ghostly form to possess inanimate objects. Rattle those chains like your afterlife depends on it.

Zenonia 5 (iPhone, iPad, Android)

The latest entry in the handsome action-RPG series that is desperate to show us just how high it can count. There's an evil. You're a dude. Get with the defeating, already.


Joe Danger Touch (iPhone, iPad)

A masterful adaptation of its console counterpart, this endless runner-style motorbike game has been reimagined for iOS - and it shows.


Steampunk Racing 3D (Android)

A racer which embraces a simpler time when a tank of hot water and a couple of lumps of coal were all you needed to generate an orgy of motor racing madness. It's free, too.


Time Surfer (iPhone, iPad)

Not only can this snazzy space adventurer scoot across the surface or faraway planets on a hoverboard, he can manipulate time as well. Tiny Wings meets Braid meets BTTF2.


The Blockheads (iPhone, iPad)

It's a bit like Minecraft. There, I said it. However, with up to three avatars on the go, and an interesting emotion mechanic, there's more to this than meets the eye.


Dungelot (iPhone, iPad, Android)

This puzzle-based roguelike has you flipping tiles in search of treasure and glory. Beware, though: you might just as easily find beasties and death.
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