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Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S III 'superphone' is just 7mm thick, out in May
by Will Wilson 7/2/2012
Product: Samsung Galaxy S III
Manufacturer: Samsung
Format: Android
The Galaxy S III rumours keep on coming, which should come as no surprise given how many Galaxy S (I) and Galaxy S II units Samsung has sold over the years. Heck, the sheer volume of Galaxy S handsets on the market is reaching iPhone-like levels.

Following on from the above rumour concerning the Galaxy S III's release date, unnamed sources have told South Korean publication Electronic Times News that Samsung's next "superphone" will be vying for the 'thinnest blower on the market' trophy at just 7mm thick.

That's a whole millimetre thinner than the Galaxy S II, and is approaching the super-svelte form of Huawei's recently announced Ascend P1 S (which measures in at just 6.68mm thick).

More salt?

The unnamed sources also went on to describe the unannounced (but inevitable) Android smartphone's innards and outards: it'll reportedly pack an 8-megapixel rear camera, an S-AMOLED display, and will run Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. As you might expect.

According to the sources, the Samsung Galaxy S III will launch in May, rather than in April as previously 'revealed'.

We'll see if Samsung says anything about the device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, but in the meantime keep a healthy supply of salt nearby.

etnews [via Boy Genius Report]
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