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Rumour: Quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III to be released in April
by Will Wilson 25/1/2012
Product: Samsung Galaxy S III
Manufacturer: Samsung
Format: Android
Everyone's favourite mobile rumour-man Eldar Murtazin has taken to Twitter to reveal that he's somehow managed to get his hands on the unannounced (but very much expected) Samsung Galaxy S III.

Murtazin went on to say that Sammy's upcoming handset has an HD screen (we presume 720p), runs a modified version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz elements on top, and packs a whopping 12-megapixel camera.

On the subject of CPU speed, the infamous Russian blogger didn't go into specifics. He did, however, state that the processor is "fast", before asking the 'Twittersphere' whether it thought a quad-core 1.5-1.6GHz processor was "too much for a phone".

Murtazin has a hit-and-miss track record when it comes to tech predictions and insider 'scoops', so we'd advise consuming some salt before digesting the above information.

If his proposed release date of April is correct, however, we'll no doubt see the phone demonstrated by Samsung at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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