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Jane Jensen remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers for iPad and Android
by Matthew Diener 8/10/2013
Product: Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
Developer: Phoenix Online Studios
Publisher: Pinkerton Road
Format: Android, iPad
Genre: Adventure
Fans of the mid-'90s Gabriel Knight point-and-click games are about to have the best October ever.

Series creator Jane Jensen has announced that she's licensed the Gabriel Knight IP from Activision Publishing and that her indie studio is planning a 20th anniversary remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

For those unfamiliar with the Gabriel Knight games, Knight is a New Orleans bookstore owner and struggling novelist who learns that he's descended from a long line of shadow-hunters.

With that cool lineage - and an even cooler N'awlins drawl - to his name, Knight grabs a sacred dagger and heads off to thwart the forces of darkness.

Not pictured: Gabriel Knight, forces of darkness

The revamped Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers features the same mature storyline and puzzle solving as the original 1993 version, but it's sporting a massive update to its graphics and audio.

The original 640 x 480 pixel art has been replaced by high-res (2048 x 1536) 3D graphics that will bring New Orleans to life with more detail than any previous Gabriel Knight game has managed to date.

In terms of audio, the original composer Robert Holmes returns to deliver a remastered soundtrack that will include special edition content as well.

Pinkerton Road doesn't have a firm release date for Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers just yet, but we're told to expect it on computers (PC and Mac) and tablets by "mid-2014".

If you'd like to hear Holmes' update to the Gabriel Knight theme, or just want to learn more about the remake, then head over to the game's official site.
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