Put the pills down - twisted point and click adventure game Fran Bow hits its funding goal
By Matthew Diener 23 August 2013
Game Name: Fran Bow | Developer: Killmonday Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 | Genre: Adventure
Do you remember that deliciously dark, indie game we reported on at the beginning of August called Fran Bow?

You know, the one that starts when a little girl stumbles upon the dismembered bodies of her parents, goes completely bonkers, and is chucked into a loony bin that she escapes from by poppng pills to enter into a bizarre dream world?

Well, there's good news for Fran - but not about her parents, who are still totally dead. On the bright side, however, her game reached its funding goal on Indiegogo!

The name's Bow. Fran Bow.

With a week left in its campaign, Fran Bow has amassed $23,500 in funding and will be released on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows 8, and Linux in 2014.

Using an Edward Gorey-esque art style and a dual-world puzzle mechanic, Fran Bow tells the story of the unfortunate young girl desperate to escape from the psychiatric hospital and solve the mystery of who murdered her parents.

Looking a bit like Year Walk, we reckon that Fran Bow will appeal to the same audience that enjoyed Simogo's Silver Award Winner.

So long as they're not turned off by the idea of a young girl downing pills to escape reality and solve puzzles, of course.

If you're interested in snagging a few perks before the campaign ends, you can head over to Fran Bow's Indiegogo page before August 30.

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