Relax your ears and work your digits with the meditative Finger Hoola
By Jon Jordan 04 December 2012
Game Name: Finger Hoola | Developer: Plant Pot | Publisher: Plant Pot | Format: Android, iPhone | Genre: Arcade
Is the run-in to the year's end starting to ratchet up your blood pressure?

I can feel the odd surge, but I know that tomorrow a relaxing antidote is arriving in the shape of UK developer Plant Pot's debut Finger Hoola.

I played an early version a couple of months ago, and aside from demonstrating my lack of coordination, I think it's certain to find an audience with those who are into games that combine neat graphics and audio, while also doing something a bit different in terms of gameplay.

Easy does it

In its simplest form in Finger Hoola you have to spin circular shapes onscreen with your finger(s) at varying rotational speeds - as shown by the music note in the central vertical meter.

What makes it so enjoyable, however, is the main feedback you receive is audio, with the pitch of the trippy ambient music rising and falling with the speed of your rotation.

Indeed, the music is created by well-known industry fella Paul Weir, who's worked on games such as Thief, Broken Sword IV, Lego Harry Potter and Joe Danger 2.

From right to left

Of course, when you have multiple fingers hoola-ing simultaneously, things can get a bit hectic, but the game's learning curve is designed so that casual players can just enjoy and unlock each level without worrying too much about gaining the hardcore diamond rating.

Finger Hoola is out for iOS, Android and Amazon devices on 5th December, priced 99c, €0.89 or 69p.

It will also be available for Nook devices on 6th December and specifically for Samsung Android devices via the Samsung Apps store 'soon'.

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