FPS Russia turns to Kickstarter to launch iOS and Android game
By Matthew Diener 26 November 2012
Game Name: FPS Russia: The Game | Publisher: FPS Russia | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Professional Russian Dmitri Potapoff is ready to invade the world of mobile gaming, assuming that he can find the funding on Kickstarter to escape from his kidnappers first.

FPS Russia: The Game will star Potapoff fighting for his life after he borrows money from the wrong people. Players will help Potapoff escape by bringing his storied arsenal to bear against his kidnappers.

It may not have the deepest storyline in the history of gaming, but it will have guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Russian, attack!

FPS Russia is a hit YouTube channel that follows the misadventures of fictional personality Dmitri Potapoff in his career as a Professional Russian.

His career largely involves him talking about guns before firing them at bottles of soda, and has earned him 3,070,079 subscribers with a combined total of over half a billion video views.

Assuming that its funding goal of $51,337 is met, FPS Russia: The Game will come to iOS and Android as a freemium title. Additional guns, upgrades, and vehicles will be made available as in-app purchases.

At time of writing, FPS Russia: The Game has raised $16,200 and has 17 days left in its Kickstarter campaign.

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