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[Update] Era's Adventures 3D features 3D action, lush graphics, and - hey, is that Yoshi?
by Matthew Diener 1/3/2013
Product: Era's Adventures 3D
Publisher: Andev
Format: Android
Genre: Adventure, Platform
Update: The developer of Era's Adventures 3D emailed ArsTechnica and claimed the use of Nintendo's IP was "unknowing and inadvertent" as he purchased the model for Era from a 3D asset store. He is working on modifying the game to lessen the similarities between Era and Yoshi for the sake of Yoshi fans, but maintains that "no assets are stolen from any Nintendo game or website".

Since his debut in 1990, Mario's green dino pal Yoshi has been winning over the hearts of gamers with his cute appearance, helpful attitude and long, sticky tongue.

He's also inspired his share of imitators, some more flagrant than others, with Era's Adventures 3D being one of the most flagrant of all.

The adventure title snuck quietly onto Google Play this week published by the Brussels-based Andev Ltd., and many - like ArsTechnica - were quick to see the game as an unlicensed use of one of Nintendo's more popular characters.

Yoshi-ing is believing

While fans would eagerly download a Nintendo-sanctioned mobile game staring Yoshi (or any character from the Mario Brothers universe), it's clear that Era's Adventures 3D won't be the game they were hoping for.

Yoshi - excuse us, Era - doesn't look quite at home in the environment of Era's Adventures 3D with his claymation-style textures which contrast sharply against the dark, gritty environment of the game world.

For those absolutely desperate for a Yoshi-like experience on their Android devices, Era's Adventures 3D is available on Google Play for $1.99 / £1.49 - but we don't expect it to remain available for long as Nintendo will likely have a few things to say about it - via its lawyers.

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