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Kairosoft-inspired sim Epic Pirates Story sails dangerously close to the Island of Clone
by James Gilmour 5/4/2013
Product: Epic Pirates Story
Developer: Epic Devs
Format: Android
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
[enlarge screenshot]
It looks like Kairosoft has steered a brand-new entry in its Epic Story series toward the Google Play shores.

It hasn't, but it sure does look like it has.

You see, despite sharing gameplay elements, a graphical style, and a signature title slogan with Kairosoft's pixel-art Story series, Epic Pirates Story has nothing to do with Kairosoft.


In actual fact, Epic Pirates Story is the work of Bulgarian studio Epic Devs, a startup which has been directly inspired by titles like Epic Astro Story and Grand Prix Story.

A pirate's life for thee

As you might expect from a game influenced by Kairosoft, Epic Pirates Story is based around building up a colony; striking out in search of treasure and resources; and becoming the pirate king.

You'll have to ensure your swashbuckling townsfolk are in shipshape condition, mind, for your newly acquired pirate mates will soon be squaring off against monkeys, barracudas, mermaids, and the undead.

Though Epic Devs does state in the Google Play description for Epic Pirates Story that the pixel-art "will remind you of the unique Kairosoft games", we can't help but feel that this is an attempt to piggyback on the success of the Japanese management sim specialist.

However, if you want to see whether Epic Pirates Story can live up to its inspiration, you can download it from Google Play for £1.01 / $1.27 now [buy]. If you're short on doubloons, there's also a lite version available for free [download].
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