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Elite Beat Agent creator's tower defence title Eden to Green is now available globally
by Harry Slater 24/6/2013
Product: Eden to Green
Developer: iNiS
Publisher: Zynga
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Strategy, Tower defence
Japanese mobile game maker iNiS has a pretty impressive back catalogue.

From Gitaroo Man to Elite Beat Agents, this Tokyo-based studio has created some stunning and intuitive portable games.

But what happens when you pair a talented developer of rhythm-action games with a publisher like Zynga?

They conjure up a tower defence game, apparently.

The tower defence game in question is Eden to Green, in which iNiS tells the age-old story of a group of plants defending its half-destroyed home planet from waves of invading robotic monsters.

Eden to Green has been available for download in Canada since April, but it's finally been released in the rest of the world - on both iOS and Android - today.

There are more than 40 plants and trees for you to unlock here, broken down into three different groups.

Offensive plants attack incoming robots, defensive plants protect the ground you're defending, and expansion plants reclaim stolen ground back from your foes.

With more than 70 levels to play through and social features that let you share powerful plants with your friends, Eden to Green isn't short of content.

Whether it can match the brilliance of iNiS's previous works remains to be seen. You can grab Eden to Green for free from the App Store [download] and the Google Play Store [download] right now.
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