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EA is working on a mobile version of destruction-obsessed soldier sim Battlefield
by Harry Slater 22/10/2013
Product: EA news
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
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Are you sick of pew pews and bang bangs that don't fit in your pocket? Do you want to take your Clancy-lite military FPS adventures out on the bus with you?

Well read on.

EA Labels prez Frank Gibeau has been talking to the New York Times about the future of one of the publisher's biggest franchises, Battlefield, and it looks like a mobile version is high on the agenda.

"We are working on a mobile game of Battlefield that will be high-end and high-performance. It’s our bet that we can successfully pull that off. But we’re embarking on something no one has ever done before - to get these games to inter-operate between platforms."

Will it work?

"Will it work? It already has in some cases. Will it work for all franchises? Not all franchises will make the transition. Battlefield might be a little harder."

It's an oddly worded answer, and you can bet that inter-operation between platforms probably doesn't mean what you think it means, but it's still pretty clear that EA is intent on getting its big guns on mobile.

Of course, it's already done that to some extent, with Mass Effect and Dead Space both having had the iOS and Android treatment in recent years.

We'll keep you posted with any developments as and when they pop up.
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