Gears of War creator Cliffy B tells IAP critics to 'vote with your dollars'
By James Gilmour 01 March 2013
Game Name: EA news | Manufacturer: Electronic Arts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Gears of War creator Cliffy B has jumped to EA's defence over the company's decision to integrate in-app purchases into all its games.

Speaking on his personal blog, Mr Bleszinski expressed his frustration at the internet's apparent distaste for EA's business practices. In particular, at the vocal opposition to the publishing giant's fondness for DLC and IAPs (see Real Racing 3's $100 DLC car, for example).

"I've seen lots of comments online about micro-transactions," the ex-Epic staffer writes. "They're a dirty word, it seems. Gamers are upset that publishers / developers are 'nickel and diming' them.'"

"I'm going to come right out and say it. I'm tired of EA being seen as 'the bad guy'. I think it's bullshit that EA has the 'scumbag EA' memes on Reddit and that Good Guy Valve can Do No Wrong."

The crux of Cliffy's argument is that games cost money to make. Something the so-called "hipster / boomerang kid generation" doesn't understand. Or conveniently forgets.

In fact, far from gaming becoming a more expensive hobby at the behest of greedy developers, he posits that "adjusted for inflation, your average video game is actually cheaper than it has ever been."

Money talks

As for the IAPs themselves, the Gears of War designer suggests that rather than "raging at 'evil corporations who are clueless and trying to steal their money'", gamers should simply put the offending game down, and walk away.

"Do Zynga's practices often feel sleazy?" he asks. "Sure. Don't like it? Don't play it. Don't like pay to win? You have the freedom to opt out and not even touch the product."

Instead of pining for those halcyon days when gaming was simple and modern gouging techniques like IAPs were still two decades away, Cliffy also wants gamers to remember that "arcades were the original change munchers".

If gamers don't want developers like EA to make IAP-filled games, Cliffy B's advice is simple: "Don't spend money on them. You vote with your dollars."
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