Dungeon Keeper dev on Theme Hospital for iPad: 'I would love to make more Bullfrog games'
By Mark Brown 18 October 2013
Game Name: Dungeon Keeper | Developer: Mythic Entertainment | Publisher: EA Mobile | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Retro, Strategy
Though Mythic Entertainment is just applying the finishing touches to its free-to-play reboot of '90s classic Dungeon Keeper, senior producer Jeff Skalski told Pocket Gamer that he would love to raid Bullfrog's back catalogue for more games for mobile.

"Those guys were unstoppable," he says. "They were the Blizzard before Blizzard."

Bullfrog was the studio responsible for a bucketload of well-loved strategy games like Populous, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Syndicate, Magic Carpet, and, of course, Dungeon Keeper.

EA acquired the company in 1995, and now has the rights to all of those games.

Theme Hospital

"All of those games are really strong IP," Skalski says, "and they all would transition over really well into this space. So if it makes sense..."

But here's the rub.

"We'll build the games as the consumers want them," Skalski says. And that invariably means making them free.

"A lot of people are going 'why are you making a free-to-play game?', and I said, 'because that's what the consumers want! That's what the data is. I'm sorry!'"

EA ported Theme Park to iPhone and iPad as a free-to-play game in December 2011.
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