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Dungeon Hunter 4 coming this month, switches focus to single player game
by Matthew Diener 6/4/2013
Product: Dungeon Hunter 4
Publisher: Gameloft
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, RPG
Back in the middle of March, Gameloft posted a colourful tweet teasing the release of Dungeon Hunter 4.

Since that announcement we received an impressive trailer for the title, but Gameloft has been otherwise quiet about the upcoming installment of its Diablo-like franchise.

Now, Touch Arcade reports that those eager to hunt in dungeons for a fourth time should be able to get their fix by the end of the month.

The thrill of the hunt

Long time fans of Dungeon Hunter may recall that Gameloft endured a backlash from its fans when it announced that Dungeon Hunter 3 would switch from a single player premium app to an "arena" style freemium game.

While it appears Dungeon Hunter 4 will return the focus back to a single player experience, it will retain the freemium elements introduced in the previous installment of the series.

We're not sure when exactly to expect Dungeon Hunter 4 on the App Store and Google Play, but Android players might need to be a bit patient as Gameloft has had its share of delays with Android releases.

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