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Dragons have risen to attack your kingdom. You have a deck of cards. It's summoning time.
by Matthew Diener 27/2/2013
Product: Dragon Summoner
Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: GREE
Format: Android, iPhone
Genre: Card battler, Collection
Networking: wireless (network)
Fans of trading card games like Rage of Bahamut will no doubt be pleased by Dragon Summoner, the latest collectible card battler released by Gameloft.

Events in Dragon Summoner unfold when the long-extinct race of dragons wakes up and decides to visit wrath and ruin down on the three kingdoms of Ouvien.

As fate would have it, no matter which kingdom you ally your character with they soon find that their trusty deck of cards is all that stands between the dragons and their goal of total destruction.

Deal me in

Like many adventure card games, Dragon Summoner features hundreds of cards with gorgeous artwork for players to collect and fuse. Similarly, players can customize and strengthen a team of heroes to bring with them into each battle.

There's also a familiar online multiplayer component that allows players to ally with one another to bring down raid bosses or engage in some friendly PvP for honour, glory, and looted treasure.

Unlike many card games, Dragon Summoner features animated battle scenes which add a nice dash of excitement to the gameplay.

Those interested in trying their hand at this new card battler can do so without much of hassle - it's available on the App Store and Google Play for the tempting price of "free".

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