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Blast your foes with cannons and level up your heroes in Dragon Realms, out now for iOS and Android
by Matthew Diener 10/10/2013
Product: Dragon Realms
Publisher: GREE
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: RPG
Pocket gaming RPG enthusiasts now have new game to vie for their attention.

Gree's free-to-play MMO Dragon Realms has roared its way onto the App Store and Google Play, following a soft launch spotted by some of our eagle-eyed readers.

While Dragon Realms has a familiar fantasy aesthetic that will resonate with World of Warcraft and Diablo players alike, it also has a casual focus that's nicely tailored to playing on the go.

Quest for the best

But just because Dragon Realms is a free-to-play game doesn't mean that it'll be an easy one to click your way through - there's a good amount of strategy underneath the polished artwork of Dragon Realms which requires players to collect a team of heroes and evolve them to higher levels.

You'll be able to pick characters from one of three factions to fill out these nine-character teams, with each faction enjoying an advantage over another. Think rock-paper-sciessors just with orcs, undead, and elves, and you won't be far off from what to expect here.

Supporting this hero curation is a rich town building mechanic that lets you add buffs and bonuses to your heroes as they adventure out into the wild or you can use your settlements to increase your accumulation of in-game resources.

You can even create a guild of friends and fellow players and face off against rival guilds in live, in-game events for those of the PvP persuasion. If this all sounds like something you'd like on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device of choice, you can check out Dragon Realms today.
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