A Good Day to Die Hard is a freemium endless-runner on iOS with a 69p price tag
By Mark Brown 14 February 2013
Game Name: Die Hard | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Film/ TV tie- in, Shooter
Following in the hurried footsteps of Brave and The Hunger Games, A Good Day to Die Hard is the latest blockbuster movie to get its own endless-runner spin-off on iOS and Android.

In this new smartphone tie-in game, you play as John McClane's estranged offspring Jack, who dashes through the abandoned Chernobyl power plant, gunning down goons and collecting novelty-sized coins.

In typical auto-runner fashion, you swipe left and right to switch between lanes, and you swipe up to vault over obstacles. But, you also tap on enemies to shoot at them, and swipe downwards to reload.

Die Hard

The graphics are horrid, but it's a relatively fun game and the shooting system offers a nice twist on the endless-runner genre (you can thank The End developer Goroid for all that).

But, as ever, there's a catch.

You want money? What kind of terrorists are you?

Despite its upfront price tag on iOS, Die Hard is very clearly a freemium game at heart. You can use the premium currency (which you buy with in-app purchases, starting at £2.99) to do just about everything.

You can pay to boost your health, improve your reflexes, get new guns, speed up coin collection, or even don the classic bloodstained vest from the first Die Hard movie.

Plus, you can pay to skip to future parts of the level, and come back to life when you die. You know, if it's not a particularly good day to die.

Die Hard

Die Hard is a fine little iOS endless-runner, which is filled to bursting with in-app purchases. So, unless you're craving a video game spin-off to a horrible movie, I'd say wait until the iOS version inevitably goes free-to-play.

Die Hard is available now on iOS and Android. It costs 69p / 99c on iOS, and nowt on Android.
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