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Dead Trigger fans dead angry after game goes free to play

Money for nothing

Product: Dead Trigger | Developer: Madfinger Games | Publisher: Madfinger Games | Genre: Shooter
For: Android   Also on: iPhone, iPad
Dead Trigger Android, thumbnail 1
Madfinger's handsome zombie shooter Dead Trigger has provoked the ire of some early adopters after going free to play on Android within weeks of its initial launch.

As well as including a meat van's-worth of new weapons and arenas, last Friday's update to Dead Trigger removed the game's dollar price point, turning it from a premium game to a freemium game in one fell swoop.

While many are no doubt pleased to add this gory blaster to their Android library free of charge, the decision has angered customers who dropped some coin on the shooter over the last couple of weeks, some of whom have voiced their outrage on Google Play via angrily worded one-star reviews.

One example from an anonymous Transformer TF201 user reads: "Feel I have wasted money... Wish I could take my 1 star away. Cheated again."

Buyer's remorse

This isn't the first time a developer has upset paying customers by switching to a free-to-play model.

Whale Trail
dev ustwo incurred the wrath of fans when it performed the same payment model switch-up on its colourful endless-flyer.

The company later admitted to Modojo that "we should have done a better job of helping players through the transition."

Dead Trigger is free to download on Google Play, but does contain in-app purchases. The game is still 69p / 99c on the App Store.

Reviewer photo
James Gilmour 23 July 2012
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Aug 2012
Post count:
An Tran | 17:04 - 2 August 2012
It's just ONE freaking dollar. I bought the game and I don't regret it at all.
Those who whine are really no better than the retarded-as-hell pirates who couldn't even pay one single dollar for a game.
Only complaint I have right now is that they really need to update the game to fix the Jelly Bean bug. Though maybe I can just uninstall the game and reinstall and it should be fine...
Jul 2012
Post count:
earldunk | 17:56 - 25 July 2012
Big deal, it cost me the price of a pack of monster munch , i paid for spiderman from games loft and that would of got me about 6 packs of monster munch, 6 packs would of been better than spiderman. dont mind paying for good games like dead trigger but if they want to buy me a pack of monster munch i will send them my email and we can work out a deal , i like bounty bars aswell
Jul 2012
Post count:
Badgersnadgers | 22:46 - 23 July 2012
I can't see what the problem is because seeing the story and having both android and iOS devices and not tried the game I have now brought it on IOS because I always support the companies and the more expensive the game the better I my mind because if the price of the games go up then better games get made.
Feb 2012
Post count:
GigaTron | 20:05 - 23 July 2012
Its just a stupid dollar! its not like people buying the 3DS before the big price drop(which sadly I'm one of those people).
Dec 2010
Post count:
Excelcius | 14:38 - 23 July 2012
They're moaning about 60p Unbelievable !!!! The developers have got to earn a living I don't suppose they're happy about having to go freemium. Kids expect everything to be just handed to them these days, they don't pay for anything and consequently they don't value anything, sad times we live in :(
Dec 2010
Post count:
PG BBilson | 14:21 - 23 July 2012
The company's just released a statement for the reasons behind the price drop. Should have a story up very shortly...
Jul 2011
Post count:
aros | 13:55 - 23 July 2012
You paid 60p to play earlier than everyone else. Hardly the end of the world. Surely everyone expects 60p apps to drop to free in this day and age? (Not that it happens a lot on GP as it does the App Store)
Jul 2011
Post count:
adampsyreal | 13:40 - 23 July 2012
I personally con't mind donating the 1$.
MadFinger could have waited at least a few months before dropping the price to free.
*now they should compensate the early adopters with some in-game currency or something to make it right.