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Dead Trigger 2 will shuffle into view for a headshot on October 23rd
by Chris Priestman 18/9/2013
Product: Dead Trigger 2
Developer: Madfinger Games
Publisher: Madfinger Games
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Shooter
Someone needs to have a word with Madfinger Games.

Firstly, the release date for its zombie shooter sequel Dead Trigger 2 is October 23rd. That's a week before Halloween. Could Madfinger have not waited seven days?

Secondly, there's no mention of the chickens with Gatling guns on their backs anywhere, except in a single screenshot. Surely, if you have something as delightfully bizarre as Gatling gun chickens, you should be shouting about it in people's faces?

Anyway, Dead Trigger 2 will blast onto iOS and Android in just over a month's time. For the record, we gave the original a Bronze Award. Also for the record, 22 million of you reportedly downloaded the first game.

Dead Trigger 2 is set in a parallel world in which humanity is continuously battling zombies.

With each update to the game, Madfinger will, apparently, shift the battle to a new location. To, say, London, Shanghai, or somewhere in Africa.

The way in which the global playerbase fares against the zombies in each location will affect the game's real-time story.

Dead Trigger 2 will be a free-to-play experience on iOS and Android. It'll go live on October 23rd. Did I mention that's a week before Halloween?
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