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Mobile gamers are to blame for micro-transactions in Dead Space 3

Pay to slay

Product: Dead Space | Developer: IronMonkey Studios | Publisher: EA Mobile | Genre: Action, Adventure
Dead Space Android, thumbnail 1
A quick note to the console and PC fans reading: if you're looking for someone to blame for the inclusion of "micro-transactions" in spooky sci-fi shooter Dead Space 3, blame us.

Blame mobile gamers.

According to the game's producer, John Calhoun, this upcoming survival-horror game will allow you to buy resources with real-world cash. This is in order to court smartphone players where in-app purchases are a "standard part of gaming".

Blood money

Earlier this week, Eurogamer discovered that Xbox 360, PS3, and PC shooter Dead Space 3 will include micro-transactions.

Here's how they work.

The game features resources like tungsten, semi-conductors, and somatic gel, which you can combine in different ways to fashion new weapon parts, ammo packs, or suit upgrades.

You will find these bits and bobs dotted around the icy planet of Tau Volantis. But, if you're feeling impatient, you can top up on tungsten or source new semi-conductors with real money.

From iPhone to Xbox

Calhoun told CVG: "There's a lot of players out there, especially players coming from mobile games, who are accustomed to micro-transactions. They're like 'I need this now, I want this now'. They need instant gratification. So we included that option..."

The producer was quick to clarify that "everything that can be purchased with real-world dollars can also be purchased with [in-game currency]" and that "we would never make a game you have to pay to win."

Dead Space 3
Please insert 800 Microsoft Points to kill scary alien dude

But, while these purchases might scare off veteran Dead Space players, they are intended to win over a whole new generation of players.

"There are action game fans, and survival-horror game fans, who are 19 and 20, and they've only played games on their smartphones, and micro-transactions are to them a standard part of gaming," Calhoun said.

"It's a different generation. So if we're going to bring those people into our world, let's speak their language..."

And that language is the language of money.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 25 January 2013
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Aug 2012
Post count:
RockinIt | 18:03 - 25 January 2013
I like Dead Space as a franchise, but it's not exactly ground breaking stuff. Definitely won't buy this 3rd one if the developers are going down this route. I've got a PS3, I mean there's Ni No Kuni out on 1st Feb, then we've got Tomb Raider in March and Bioshock Infinite in the same month, there's enough gameplay there to totally bypass Dead Space 3, and I still haven't started on DmC yet.
Aug 2011
Post count:
Zephram | 14:48 - 25 January 2013
These comments are spot on. Boycot with your money and your words folks.
Jan 2013
Post count:
Troy Oneil | 14:31 - 25 January 2013
Ok this is very sad. ANY GAME MAKER who charges money for there product on a non smartphone version of there game should NEVER CHARGE FOR MICRO TRANSACTIONS ANYWHERE IN THERE GAME! The whole perpose for these types of transactions is so free game makers have a revenue stream. If this game comes to market with in-game purchases in tow, then this game better be free! If it has a retail price for the game and in game purchases with real money then this game should be BANED or at least ignored by the gaming community! We have to send a message to console fame developers that this is not some kickstarter opportunity to make extra money off of impatient players. Leave these impatient guys on there smartphones and tablets with thatbkindnof option of release these kind of options when the game is over a year old. I am completely turned off feom this kinda GREEDY CRAP! Let the Oil and Energy companies rip of there customers and tax payers. Console game developers need to make quality products foe one fair price PERIOD!
Oct 2011
Post count:
divisionbell7 | 13:31 - 25 January 2013
Wow I just lost a whole lot of respect for the makers of the Dead Space series.
Jul 2012
Post count:
Contest Chris | 13:03 - 25 January 2013
Nice one. Whoever fell for this has an IQ level of a goldfish, or antelope.
Apr 2012
Post count:
Northlander74 | 12:00 - 25 January 2013
I hear what they are saying but for me this is the tip of the iceberg! There shouldn't be anything about a game that gives 'instant' gratification, whats the point of the game if not to play it to gain these rewards, it's like reading the last page of a novel, fast forwarding a movie to the end, no point what so ever. That's a generalisation I know, true DLC is different, that adds something to the game, but micro transactions making their way into full price console games for what the developers say exist in the game fills me with doubt really - I mean can you 'really' believe them? My worry is over time if this starts to become the norm will we be forced to shell out for commodities just to proceed in game? It was a bad move for the mobile platform and even a worse move for home based consoles...
Nov 2012
Post count:
Ginko | 10:12 - 25 January 2013
Good point Craig,they jus wanna gt as much money as poss
Jan 2013
Post count:
Craig Farley | 10:02 - 25 January 2013
Mobile gamers are used to instant gratification? Yes, and they're also used to paying 69p for a game so make your game 69p and then everyone's happy. Or...why not make two separate games - one for mobile and one for the loyal fans who enjoyed the first two games. Duh.