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Be prepared to manage your party's physical and psychological well-being in Red Hook's unique and stylish RPG Darkest Dungeon
by Chris Priestman 8/10/2013
Product: Darkest Dungeon
Developer: Red Hook Studios
Format: Android, iPad
Genre: RPG
Imagine fighting through a dark dungeon with a sadist, someone with depression, a person who keeps eating the food supply, and a fellow that's coughing a terrible disease everywhere.

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare. But that's essentially the setup for Red Hook Studio's new game Darkest Dungeon.

In this undeniably unique RPG, you will have to attend to both the physical and mental strains that come with dungeon-crawling.

You'll boast a roster of 16 adventurers, from which you can choose four to party up together and enter the dungeons. Permadeath is present and correct here, and everything that your characters do and experience will have a consequence.

This is a result of the game's Affliction System. Let's say, for example, that the Highwayman has seen too many friends die down the years. This means he now goes off on nihilistic rants that puts fear into the others.

Darkest Dungeon

You'll have to constantly monitor your character's waning psyche, as well as its food and other resources.

Combat will be turn based, while the game itself is a side-scrolling experience. The re-arranging of the single file formation of your characters is, thus, very important. In doing so, you'll need to factor in the strengths and flaws of each character.

By setting up camp, you give your characters time to collect themselves. The Doctor will also have time to heal the others.

As a result of the Bard's cheery songs, your party may also experience some morale boosting. That's provided the Bard's in a good mood.

There's a whole lot more to Darkest Dungeon than meets the eye (read more here), and you'll have to take it all into consideration while playing.

Because your heroes are human, they are weak. If you help them along, though, they can band together and develop into a great team.

Red Hook has tentatively given Darkest Dungeon an autumn 2014 release date. Red Hook is hoping to release the game on desktop, console, and tablets.
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