Check out some screenshots from Tin Man Games's upcoming adventure book Curse of the Assassin
By Harry Slater 30 August 2013
Game Name: Curse of the Assassin (formerly An Assassin in Orlandes 2) | Publisher: Tin Man Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Card/ board game
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Tin Man Games is almost ready to send off the next entry in its Gamebook Adventures series, Curse of the Assassin, to Apple for approval.

We've got some screenshots of the polished product to whet your appetite before your next trip to Orlandes.

The book, which is the eighth entry in the series with which Tin Man made its name, is a direct sequel to the first game, An Assassin in Orlandes, and sees you on the trail of a dangerous murderer in the rich fantasy setting.

Curse of the Assassin marks a first return to the Gamebook Adventure series for a couple of years, after Tin Man Games picked up the license to the digital versions of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

You can check out the screenshot below, and there's some in the gallery at the top of the page too.

If you've not played a digital game book before, it's a choose your own adventure style experience that lets you make decisions about how you play the game. There are digital dice to roll, and monsters to hack to bits with swords.

It's good to see Tin Man returning to a series of its own creation after success with the Fighting Fantasy, Judge Dredd, and Trial of the Clone gamebooks. We'll let you know when Curse of the Assassin hits the App Store.
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