Counter-Strike-inspired Critical Missions: SWAT now shooting up iOS
By Jon Jordan 05 December 2012
Game Name: Critical Missions: SWAT | Developer: Critical Force Entertainment | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Shooter
With around five million downloads on Android, and 100,000 daily active players, there's no doubt Critical Force's Counter-Strike-inspired FPS Critical Missions: SWAT has a committed audience.

And now it's coming to iOS.

Slightly confusingly, the Android version is called Critical Strike Portable, but apparently you can play across platforms - Android and iOS - no matter what the game is called.

Lock and load

More odd is that PC/Mac players can also apparently play (via Facebook and Kongregate), which is a surprise because we all know who's going to win when it comes down to shooting precision with touchscreen controls versus mouse and keyboard.

Still, we're sure you can limit your multiplayer sessions to specific devices too, and the game certainly offers plenty of options including a single player mode.

These include also multiplayer modes like Classic, Team Death Match, Zombie Mode, Zombie Match, Survival, Death Match, Juggernaut and Capture The Flag; the ability to customise in terms of player HP, player speed, and zombie difficulty; plus servers in Europe, the US and Asia.

And the iOS version comes with new GUI, new maps, and other additional content.

Still, that comes at a cost, as the Android version is free, while the iOS version costs $2.99, €2.69 and £1.99.

You can see how the Android version work in the following video.

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