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American McGee's Crazy Fairies brings turn-based action to Android
by Matthew Diener 28/11/2012
Product: Crazy Fairies: One World
Developer: Spicy Horse Games
Format: Android, Facebook and social
Genre: Action
Earlier this year, we heard that American McGee's Spicy Horse Games would bring his turn-based shooter Crazy Fairies to iOS and Android.

We received word on Wednesday that the freemium fairy tale fighter is now live on Google Play - albeit, in a potentially buggy beta build.

Featuring gameplay similar to Team 17's Worms with RPG elements, Crazy Fairies allows you to kit out and upgrade your fairy tale pugilist with all manner of weapons and items.

Once upon a time

In addition to fantasy combat, Crazy Fairies also offers players the opportunity to decorate an in-game house with cards, stickers, wallpapers, and furnishings.

Yet one of the most appealing aspects of the Android version of Crazy Fairies is that it allows mobile gamers to play against players from the existing web-based version of the game.

Thus, a gamer on the go can challenge a friend at home in front of their PC from their phone or tablet.

Spicy Horse does not have an exact date for when the final version of Crazy Fairies will make its way onto Google Play but estimates that it should be available in "mid-December 2012".

There is still no word on the status of the iOS version of the game.

Google Play: Crazy Fairies

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