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Crush cattle but avoid horses in free-to-play Cow Crusher for Android
by Anthony Usher 6/3/2013
Product: Cow Crusher
Publisher: Auroch Digital
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Arcade
Last month, it was discovered that many beef products on sale in popular high street stores and supermarkets across the UK and Europe contain horse meat.

In fact, some beef lasagnes from food company Findus were found to be 100 percent Seabiscuit.

Now, Endgame: Syria creator Game The News has released a somewhat controversial Android game that pokes fun at the equine-themed scandal.

The app's called Cow Crusher, and, well, the clue's in the name.

Basically, you have to ruin a bunch of cows and transform them into a range of bovine-flavoured snacks, while avoiding any horses that wander onto your production line.

Accidentally squash too many horses and its Game Over. It's that simple.

Cow Crusher is available on Android for free, so go and check it out now [download]. It's heading to the App Store "soon".
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