Would Superman beat up Batman? What about a middle-aged and slightly overweight Spider-Man? Play it out in Comic ConQuest
By Jon Jordan 18 July 2013
Game Name: Comic ConQuest | Developer: Free Lunch Design | Publisher: Sleepy Giant | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Comic-Con is about to kick off in San Diego.

And in keeping with the tradition of honouring those who like to dress up in strange costumes, US developer Sleepy Giant has announced its new game Comic ConQuest.

The free-to-play tactical RPG adventure is being created with Free Lunch Design and renowned comic book artist Jeff Matsuda (X-Men, Batman, Wolverine, The Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who's acting as executive producer.

Due out before the end of 2013, Comic ConQuest will be set in a giant comic and sci-fi convention in which costumed fans have been transformed into the characters they portray.

In real-life that might be messy.

After all, how many tubby Captain Americas does any self-respecting comic conference really need? (Answer, fewer.)

Play time

No. Let's not be mean.

In the game, the homemade costumes and plastic weapons will magically become real, with the show floor turning into a battleground as the attendees-turned-heroes use their newfound powers to attempt to fight their way to faction supremacy.

"I've always loved going to Comic Con and seeing Klingons walking around talking to Harry Potter and Batman,. And I'd think, how awesome would it be if they had actual powers and fought to see who could rule the con?" said Matsuda.

"So when Sleepy Giant came to me with the idea for this game, I dove in headfirst."

Coming to web, mobile and tablet platforms, if you register on the game's website now, you'll get early access to the web version, along with a set of in-game steak knives.
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