Cute-looking puzzle-RPG Combat Cats blasts on to the App Store and Google Play
By Chris Priestman 12 September 2013
Game Name: Combat Cats | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle, RPG
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We let it slip by us yesterday that Combat Cats launched on the App Store and Google Play. But that's the last time those wet fish get one over us.

As covered by us previously, Combat Cats is a fusion of an action RPG and a tile-matching puzzler. You play a cat armed with a plane as it aims to take back the catnip stolen by the evil fish that stole it.

To fire missiles, poison and bullets, acquire gold for upgrades, and repair your plane, you must match the corresponding tiles in the grid below the action.

Oh, and watch out for the screen-clearing nukes, and make sure to pop the bubbles that obstruct your mission.

We've given it a quick go and found it surprisingly compelling considering it's mostly tile-matching, which we've done so many times before. Taking back Kitty Island is a journey worth checking out.

Combat Cats is available on the App Store [buy] at 69p / 99c, and Google Play [buy] at 64p / 99c.
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