Kickstart this: Coffin Dodgers is a mobility scooter racer with an undead twist for iOS, Android, and PS Vita
By Harry Slater 04 July 2014
Game Name: Coffin Dodgers | Developer: Milky Tea | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita | Genre: Arcade, Multiplayer, Racing
If you've ever wanted to outrace death on a mobility scooter, then Coffin Dodgers might just be the game you've been waiting for.

Milky Tea has started a Kickstarter campaign for the game, which sees you taking control of one of seven different OAPs.

The aim of the game appears to be outracing the grim reaper and his army of flesh munching zombies. Which sounds like a lot of fun.

You can add special weapons and modifications to your scooter, and there are 21 different racing challenges to drive through.

On top of that there's multiplayer as well, so you'll be able to race against your friends without having to resort to theft.

While this is only the second mobile game that Milky Tea has made, it has a pretty impressive pedigree in other media, including advertising, console games, and browser games.

Milky Tea is looking for £65,000 to make the game. But if you want mobile and handheld versions it's going to need to make £200,000 for Vita, £250,000 for iOS, and £300,000 for Android.

Right now the Kickstarter campaign has made a little over £700.

Still, if it all sounds like something you'd like to throw money at, you can head over to the Coffin Dodgers Kickstarter page by clicking right here.
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