Codemasters will remaster some more 'classic titles' for iOS if Colin McRae Rally proves a hit
By Harry Slater 01 July 2013
Game Name: Codemasters news | Manufacturer: Codemasters | Format: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone
Over on our business-focused sister site PocketGamer.biz, Codemasters VP of digital business Gary Rowe has been chatting about his firm's decision to develop for iOS.

And amid all the numbers and business talk, Rowe's revealed a little more about what we can expect next off the Codemasters conveyor belt.

To be honest, Rowe was a little bit shy about naming specific franchises that will get the iOS treatment.

He did explain, however, that if Colin McRae Rally does well, you can expect a lot more from Codemasters on Apple's mobile platform in the not-too-distant future.

"Expect some classic titles re-imagined, some new experiences based on our most successful racing games along with a couple of original titles - titles that will be something of a surprise when they come along."

According to Rowe, Codemasters's move into the smartphone and tablet space has afforded the developer a little more freedom to explore new ways of playing.

"With dev time ranging from anywhere from 12 weeks to six months, as opposed to the 18-24 months we're used to for a console title, we are able to take more risks and explore new gaming experiences - overall we think we've got the balance between safety and risk about right for the future line-up of titles."

And it's not just iOS gamers who can look forward to more portable Codemasters titles. Rowe confirmed that Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices are very much in the studio's thoughts, too.

Tease me

Before signing off, Rowe gave us a glimpse at a possible Codemasters mobile roadmap, listing the games he'd love to see ported if Colin McRae Rally proves a commercial hit on iOS.

"If the new Colin McRae game goes down well, we can explore more classic racing games. I'd love to do some of my personal favourites such as TOCA World Touring Cars and Cannon Fodder, which is something we get a lot of fans asking for."

A new version of Cannon Fodder that fits in your pocket is just fine by us. Seriously. We'll let you know when we've got any more information about upcoming Codemasters games.
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