Get ready to save Manhattan as classic board game Chainsaw Warrior hits the App Store
By Chris Priestman 23 September 2013
Game Name: Chainsaw Warrior | Publisher: Auroch Digital | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Card/ board game
It was announced back in July, and now Auroch Digital's mobile version of 1987 Games Workshop board game Chainsaw Warrior has arrived.

You'll play the eponymous cybernetic soldier as he attempts to save Manhattan from a dark army that's trying to rip the city from our reality and into theirs. 

Chainsaw Warrior is notoriously tough (the game and the solider), and the digital version has been designed in a way to retain that.

You'll have to shove your pistol grip chainsaw into the hides of mutants, zombies, and Chaos Agents, as well as avoid traps as you head to the source of the dark army's control in order to shut it down.

Not only that, but you'll to try to do it all in under an hour.

The digital version of Chainsaw Warrior is played like the board game. You'll be rolling dice to determine how much you move each turn, and how much damage you'll dish out in battles. The aim being to induce nostalgia for fans of the physical board game.

The game's interface ties the experience together smoothly for ease of play, and there's comic book-like scenes added to flesh out the game's story.

You can pick up Chainsaw Warrior on the App Store [buy] at £2.99 / $4.99. It will also be available for Samsung devices by the end of the week. Android players at large will be served at a later date.

Disclaimer: PG's handheld editor Peter Willington has a small voice role in this game. Could you call a single line where you laugh like a maniac a "role"? Whatever the case, we wanted you to be aware.
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