Save a sexy atomic bomb and take on a supercomputer by solving spatial puzzles in CLARK
By Chris Priestman 11 September 2013
Game Name: Clarc | Developer: Golden Tricycle | Publisher: Golden Tricycle | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Ouya | Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Believe it or not, CLARK is the actual name of a video game. A real game for Ouya, no less.

Released yesterday by Golden Tricycle, this grid-based adventure puzzle game contains sexy atomic bombs called Clara, challenging spatial puzzles, and quite a few action sequences.

Oh, and an unusual plot.

Getting drunk on diesel and listening to the best techno-jazz on the vintage radio meant that most of the robots missed a supercomputer invading the nuclear missile factory to shut it down.

Luckily, CLARK is off the diesel and able to use his skills as a maintenance robot to bypass the laser hazards, crushers, and deadly machines that inhabit the factory.

Being so weak, though, CLARK doesn't find this an easy task. You'll definitely have to rely on YOUR brainpower here.

CLARK is a game with a lot of personality, and boasts over ten hours' worth of content through which to chew.

You can purchase CLARK from the Ouya store right now for $7.99. iOS and Android versions of the game will be rolling into view soon.
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