Gameloft publishes the 1st screenshots for WWII shooter Brothers in Arms 3
By Harry Slater 11 June 2013
Game Name: Brothers in Arms 3 | Publisher: Gameloft | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Shooter
On Gameloft's official Twitter account, the prolific French studio has confirmed the latest instalment in the Brothers in Arms series.

As is customary in these situations, Gameloft included a few screenshots of its new shooter to get us all kinds of, well, excited.

To no one's surprise, Brothers in Arms 3 takes place during World War II. In the game, you appear to be cast as a soldier in a war-torn corner of the world.

Judging by the three new screenshots, all of which are up there in our gallery, the game will be a third-person shooter. This is in contrast to its Bronze Award-winning predecessor, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, which was predominantly an FPS.

Brothers in Arms 3 certainly represents a step-up in the graphics department, with impressive explosions and water effects further indication of just how far smartphone and tablet gaming has evolved in the three years since the last instalment in the Brothers in Arms series hit the App Store.

We haven't received any confirmation yet on Brothers in Arms 3's price, the target platforms (iOS and Android are probably safe bets, mind), and release dates. We'll keep you updated on all that, of course, though.
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