Robert Bowling turns his back on the free-to-play model for forthcoming mobile shooter Breach & Clear
By Harry Slater 19 June 2013
Game Name: Breach & Clear | Developer: Mighty Rabbit | Publisher: Gun Media | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Strategy
Well, here's something interesting.

Breach & Clear is the upcoming tactical shooter from Saturday Morning RPG developer Mighty Rabbit, Gun Media, and former Infinity Ward man Robert Bowling. That isn't the interesting part. Or, at least, not the most interesting part.

The fact that the Breach & Clear dev team has decided to scrap its F2P plans for the game, however, IS very interesting.

According to Bowling, the freemium business model kept getting in the way of all the gameplay mechanics: "Our focus is entirely on gameplay and as we got further into development, we kept having to make tough choices between gameplay and free-to-play."

"Ultimately, we decided, to deliver the best Breach & Clear experience to our audience, we would need to make all of these features available upfront with the purchase of the game."

So, Bowling & co. ditched the F2P business model and turned to the premium one. This means Breach & Clear will cost £2.49 / $3.99 when it goes live later in the summer.

If you're not familiar with Breach & Clear, it's a tactical turn-based shooter in which you are granted a huge amount of control over the movement and actions of your squad of highly trained soldiers.

There's lots of real-life detail thrown in, such as authentic weapons, with the development team working closely with actual soldiers to make sure the experience is as close to real-world combat as possible.

The money earned by the game's makers from select post-launch DLC will go to military charities, by the way.

We'll let you know when we've got a more concrete release date for Breach & Clear, but we expect it to storm the App Store and the Google Play Store pretty soon.

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