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Have you nominated your favourite Android games and apps for a Best App Ever Award yet?
by Peter Willington 17/4/2013
Product: Best App Ever
Manufacturer: Steel Media
Format: Android
Mobile games are cheap to buy and quite often jolly good fun. We love them.

They're often made by incredibly talented individuals. The kind of individuals that rarely receive a fraction of the praise they deserve. This has always seemed a bit of a shame to me.

However, you can help remedy that issue.

Vote, vote, vote

If you want to give something 'back' to the people that make the Android games and apps you love, then head on over to the Best App Ever Awards for Android page now and nominate your favourites.

The nomination process ends in a few days' time - April 20th, to be precise - so you'll need to be quick. Fortunately, it only take a couple of minutes to register your vote.

While you're over there, make sure to Like the Best App Ever Awards on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, too.

So, head on over to the Best App Ever Awards page now and make your voice heard. Metaphorically speaking.
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