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The 25 best looking games for Android

Hey, good looking
Product: Best Android games | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android
Graphics don't matter, right? Gameplay is everything. Rubbish, we say.

Video games are inherently visual. It's essential that each and every game sells its premise with the way it looks.

Of course, what makes a game look 'good' is tougher to pin down. Which is preferable, a lavish 3D world or a stylised 2D one?

There's no one right answer here of course. The following 25 games vary in style, but they're all among the prettiest, most technically audacious games on the Google Play Store.

#1 The Room Three

Product: The Room ThreeFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadDeveloper: Fireproof GamesGenres: Puzzle

The Room Three
When it comes to The Room series, the devil is firmly in the detail. These intricate clockwork puzzles have had an uncommon level of polish applied to them, and that visual splendour is intrinsic to the game's appeal.

#2 Monument Valley 2

Product: Monument Valley 2Formats: iPhone, iPadDeveloper: ustwoGenres: Puzzle

Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley 2 might be a fairly simple isometric puzzler, but it's one that comes with mind-bending perspective-based puzzles rendered in a beautiful abstract art style. Lovely.

#3 Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Product: Final Fantasy XV Pocket EditionFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition
Square Enix might have completely redone the graphics of its latest triple A console RPG, but for our money the chibi style of this mobile revamp is preferable. Mobile adventures don't come any more lavish than this.

#4 Gear.Club

Product: Gear.ClubFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Eden GamesGenres: Racing

A true console-style racer from experts in the field. Gear.Club's car models and verdant scenery are as sharp as its arcadey handling.

#5 Oceanhorn

Product: OceanhornFormats: iPhone, iPad, SteamDeveloper: Cornfox & Bros.Publisher: FDG EntertainmentGenres: Adventure

Oceanhorn obviously owes a huge debt to Nintendo's Zelda series, but it's a very accomplished tribute. That also means that it's a lovely thing to look at, with a bright cartoony world and expressive characters.

#6 Unkilled

Product: UnkilledFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: MADFINGER GamesGenres: 3D, Shooter

If you want to test how capable your new Android phone is, booting up a Madfinger game is a reliable way to go. Unkilled is the latest in a line of graphically impressive, fast-moving action games from the studio, and it's pretty good fun too.

#7 Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Product: Warhammer 40,000: FreebladeFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Pixel ToysGenres: Action, Shooter

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
Apple used this game to show off one of its iPhones, but it looks great on Android too. Freeblade is a simple on-rails shooter with impressively cinematic graphics.

#8 Eisenhorn: Xenos

Product: Eisenhorn: XenosFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Pixel Hero GamesGenres: Action, Adventure

Eisenhorn: Xenos
Here's another visually impressive Warhammer 40,000 property, this time in the form of a console-style third-person action adventure.

#9 Oz: Broken Kingdom

Product: Oz: Broken KingdomFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: NexonGenres: Casual, RPG

Oz: Broken Kingdom
Oz: Broken Kingdom is a fairly mediocre casual RPG, truth by told. But there's no denying the fact that it's also a technical showcase, with lots of detailed models and flashy effects.

#10 Riptide GP: Renegade

Product: Riptide GP: RenegadeFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Vector Unit

Riptide GP: Renegade
Riptide GP Renegade combines slick 3D arcade racing with realistically choppy water effects. It's another 'I can't believe that's running on a phone' game.

#11 Marvel Contest of Champions

Product: Marvel Contest of ChampionsFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Marvel EntertainmentGenres: Card battler, Fighting, Film/TV tie-in, Multiplayer

Marvel Contest of Champions
Kabam's casual beat-'em-up renders dozens of Marvel superheroes in a gloriously solid yet thoroughly faithful style, and it all moves at a fair old lick too.

#12 Rayman Fiesta Run

Product: Rayman Fiesta RunFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PhonePublisher: UbisoftGenres: Arcade, Endless running, Platform, Retro

Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman's mobile adventures follow on from his console games in that they look and move like a top notch Disney cartoon. Rayman Fiesta Run is the best (and most colourful) of the lot.

#13 Badland 2

Product: Badland 2Formats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Frogmind GamesGenres: Casual

Badland 2
Sure, we've see Badland's moody 2D silhouette art style used elsewhere before. But few have pulled it off with as much atmospheric panache as this wonderful sequel.

#14 Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Product: Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, SteamPublisher: Lucid GamesGenres: Arcade, Shooter

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
Geometry Wars 3 is one of the finest twin-stick shooters around, and its abundance of lighting and distortion effects haven't aged a day. It's all impressively hectic.

#15 Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore

Product: Galaxy on Fire 3 - ManticoreFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Deep Silver FishlabsGenres: 3D, Shooter, Simulation, Strategy

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore
Not everyone is a big fan of this third GoF game, as it marks the point at which the epic sci-fi action game went freemium. You can't argue with how beautiful its spacey vistas look, though.

#16 Banner Saga 2

Product: Banner Saga 2Formats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: Stoic StudioGenres: RPG, Strategy

Banner Saga 2
Banner Saga 2's downbeat Norse mythology-inflected story might be bleak, but its hand-drawn visuals are pretty enough to brighten up anyone's day.

#17 Joe Danger

Product: Joe DangerFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita, SteamDeveloper: Hello GamesPublisher: Hello GamesGenres: Action, Arcade, Conversion, Endless running, Racing

Joe Danger
Hello Games is perhaps most famous for No Man's Sky, but don't hold that against them. Before that there was Joe Danger, a beautifully animated arcade stunt rider.

#18 Deus Ex: The Fall

Product: Deus Ex: The FallFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, SteamDeveloper: N-Fusion InteractivePublisher: Square Enix Genres: RPG, Shooter

Deus Ex: The Fall
If you want a lavish single player console FPS on your mobile, there are few candidates as convincing as Deus Ex: The Fall. It looks the business.

#19 Botanicula

Product: BotaniculaFormats: Android, iPhone, iPad, SteamDeveloper: Amanita DesignPublisher: Amanita DesignGenres: Adventure

A sweet point-and-click adventure about a bunch of plant-like creatures, Botinacula really sells the idea of a living, breathing micro-world with its lush visuals.

#20 Alto's Adventure

Product: Alto's AdventureFormats: iPhone, iPadDeveloper: SnowmanGenres: Endless running

Alto's Adventure
Endless runners are ten a penny, but few if any can match the sheer majesty of Alto's Adventure. It's all silhouettes and moonscapes and loveliness.

#21 Real Racing 3

Product: Real Racing 3Formats: Android, iPhone, iPadDeveloper: FiremonkeysPublisher: EA MobileGenres: Racing

Real Racing 3
The Real Racing series has long been known for its 'photorealistic' car models, but one thing it doesn't always get credit for its scalability. Real Racing 3 looks great even on cheap phones.

#22 Into the Dead 2

Product: Into the Dead 2Formats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: PikPok

Into the Dead 2
A moody, atmospheric first person endless runner-cum-shooter set in a zombie-infested world. Into the Dead 2 is grim but mighty pretty.

#23 Bullet Hell Monday

Product: Bullet Hell MondayFormats: iPhone, iPadPublisher: Masayuki ItoGenres: Action, Arcade, Shooter

Bullet Hell Monday
You don't always need tonnes of polygons to impress - Bullet Hell Monday throws a ridiculous number of crazy colours at the screen. If you can keep your lunch, you'll be impressed with this shmup.

#24 Skullgirls

Product: SkullgirlsFormats: iPhone, iPad

Skullgirls shows off some of the finest 2D spritework on mobile. There's highly detailed, brilliantly animated and screen-filling, and they act in service of a brilliant brawler too.

#25 Implosion - Never Lose Hope

Product: Implosion - Never Lose HopeFormats: Android, iPhone, iPadPublisher: RayarkGenres: Action

Implosion - Never Lose Hope
Robots whizzing around slicing and shooting each other is a time-honoured videogame recipe. Implosion does it with style and plenty of visual wallop.


Reviewer photo
Jon Mundy 7 March 2018
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