Defend your town with designer toys - Huck Gee's Battle Tails coming to iOS and Android
By Matthew Diener 17 May 2013
Game Name: Battle Tails | Publisher: Nom Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy, Tower defence
If you're into the world of designer toys, chances are good that you know who Huck Gee is.

The California-based creator of designer toys has had three of his pieces added to the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art and has worked with fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander.

Soon, however, Gee's toys will be available on your iOS or Android device of choice with the recently-funded celebration of Asian pop culture that is Battle Tails.

Toy soldiers

Battle Tails is a live-action strategic defense game where players must lead a clan of adorable warriors in an attempt to turn back a wave of encroaching invaders.

Each of clan plays differently, however, so you may need  to experiment to find which one is best suited to your playstyle.

If the mischievous snow monkeys of Clan Six Tails don't appeal, you can lead the fierce magic-wielding tigers of Clan Ten Thousand Winds or the rough and tumble punks of the Boso Ichiban Clan.

Battle Tails recently hit its $50,000 funding goal over on Kickstarter but still has 19 days left to reach stretch goals at the $75,000, $100,000, and $200,000 milestones which include a longer single-player campaign and PvP combat options.

Those interested in donating or securing a backer reward can head over to Battle Tail's Kickstarter page.

Currently, Battle Tails is scheduled for a release in 2013.

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