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Latest Kairosoft simulation Battle! Village Ninja lands on Android in Japan
by Anthony Usher 7/2/2013
Product: Ninja Village
Developer: Kairosoft
Format: Android
Genre: Simulation
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Game Dev Story creator and simulation specialist Kairosoft has released a new management title called Battle! Village Ninja onto Google Play, in Japan.

Naturally, Battle! Village Ninja's description is entirely in Japanese, but - thanks to the magic of Google Translate - we've been able to glean some gameplay details from it.

The rub

So here's what we've learned. For starters, this new title puts you in charge of a rural village and all of its inhabitants.

From what we can gather, you're tasked with sending out your villagers to gather valuable resources that you can later flog to the many travelers that visit your humble town.

The money you earn from these sales must then be used to train a full military squadron, and equip it with the armour and weapons it needs to win battles.

Battle Village Ninja

You can grab Battle! Village Ninja right now if you can read Japanese.

For those of you who can't, we'll let you know when - or, more importantly, if - Kairosoft's latest title is translated into English.
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