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Batman: Arkham Origins
Baterang battering
by Jon Mundy 21/10/2013
Product: Batman: Arkham Origins
Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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It could be argued that, like Batman Arkham City Lockdown before it, Batman: Arkham Origins kind of misses the point of its lead character by placing him in a beat-'em-up.

Batman isn't a brawler. He's a highly skilled combatant, of course, but he's a detective and stealthy infiltrator first.

Batman: Arkham Origins might not be the quintessential Batman game, then, but it is an entertaining slugger nonetheless.

Looking buff

Once again, developer NetherRealm Studios has utilised the Unreal Engine to make Batman - and the assorted petty crooks and arch-villains he must beat the snot out of - look and move like a dream. ...
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If your favourite take on Batman is the 'biff-bang-pow' kind rather than the 'world's greatest detective' kind, then you'll find plenty to like in this straight-forward button-mashing brawler
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 6
Value: 6
Innovation: 5
Overall: 6
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