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Avengers Initiative
Avengers, disassembled
by Damien McFerran 11/12/2012
Product: Avengers Initiative
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Film/ TV tie- in
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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Marvel is doing a pretty brisk trade at present, what with its comic book properties being adapted left, right, and centre for the big screen.

Riding on the wave of fanboy interest surrounding this year's Avengers movie, Avengers Initiative is a mobile action game that stars everyone's favourite green ball of rage, The Incredible Hulk.

While it packs an epic visual punch, what's underneath the skin-tight lycra is actually quite disappointing.

The one-on-one battles and swipe-and-tap action should instantly remind you of Infinity Blade, because Avengers Initiative is pretty much a direct copy. ...
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Avengers Initiative is a wasted opportunity which turns the tried-and-tested Infinity Blade concept into a boring and repetitive slugfest
Audio/visual: 9
Gameplay: 6
Value: 5
Innovation: 4
Overall: 5
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