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The Hulk smashes onto Google Play in Infinity Blade-inspired Avengers Initiative game
by James Gilmour 22/11/2012
Product: Avengers Initiative
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
Format: Android
Genre: Film/ TV tie- in
Avengers have begun to assemble on Android devices, following the launch of one-on-one swipe-brawler Avengers Initiative.

Already available on iOS devices, the first instalment of this episodic series sees The Hulk going toe-to-massive green toe with an assortment of baddies from the Marvel universe.

This episode of Avengers Initiative takes its gameplay inspiration from swipe-driven fighters like Infinity Blade, and has you smashing through super-powered punks like Wendigo and Abomination.

As you capture and incarcerate these bulky baddies, you'll be able to power-up Hulk's abilities, and customise his appearance to make him look even more intimidating.

What's more, future episodes of Avengers Initiative (which will be free, by the way) are set to feature Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Whether the rest of the gang will star in their own standalone games or find themselves duking it out alongside Bruce Banner's angry alter ego is unknown, however.

You can download Avengers Initiative (with enhanced Tegra visuals) for £3.13 / $4.99 from Google Play now.
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